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Manta 24" Electric Stingray™ Hose Reel

The MANTA Electric, with a lifetime warranty, has been completely reimagined and engineered to disrupt the hose reel industry. Now with all the amazing features in a 24 inch version.

The MANTA Electric is a top-of-the-line premium hose reel. For those who desire the best and are looking to invest in high quality equipment, this is your reel.

The MANTA Electric comes standard with premium integrated features including the self-stacking all aluminum full frame, MANTA MANDIBLE rugged hose guides, non-corrosive polymer bearing blocks and 316 grade stainless steel manifolds that never fail. The MANTA Electric is a superior reel that deliver day in out day out performance.

Tired of cranking hundreds of feet of hose by hand? The smooth and efficient electric rewind of the MANTA Electric saves you valuable time and money with the push of a button.

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