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5.5 GPM Disruptor Pump (90 PSI)

Custom manufactured for Disruptor Manufacturing by Remco, this pump built on the 5500 format has several upgrades that make it ideal for applying caustic chemicals. This pump once plumbed correctly has the ability to spray up to 45 feet / 4 stories.
Pressure Rating: 90 PSI
Flow Rate: 5.5 Gallons Per Min
Port Size: 3/4 In
Recommended Breaker: 30 Amp
Included Items: 3/4 In 90 degree Hose Barbs (set of 2)
Heat Exchanging Cover: Custom Upgrade Included
Internal Check Valve: Custom Upgrade Included
Santoprene Valves: Custom Upgrade Included
High Capacity Pressure Switch: Custom Upgrade Included
Marine Grade Ring Connectors: Custom Upgrade Included
Article number: REM-58-5517-1z9-63s-hs
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