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Manta 30" Electric Storage Stingray™ Hose Reel

This version of our flagship Manta Electric Hose Reel is for storing a large amount of water source hose. This allows the user to freely disconnect from the hose reel and plug directly into their machine when the most unrestricted flow is required.\
Spool Width: 30 inches
Height: 17.8 inches
Width: 41 inches
Depth: 19 inches
Cam Lock Brake:
Variable Tensioner:
1/2 inch NPT Hose Mount: For Non-Manifold Hose Hookup
DC Motor: 1/2 HP
Article number: MA330100

The Manta 30" Storage Reel is the biggest reel we have ever made. This reel is made to store large amounts of hose that can be disconnected from the reel very easily to allow direct hookup to your machine for maximum flow. This is great for larger diameter hoses, 1" and above, and makes storing these hoses simple and easy. This reel is not made for having fluid flow through it and is only for hose storage purposes.

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