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QUESO 50 Gallon One Batch Soft Washing System

The Queso is a batch mix soft wash spraying system with a 50-gallon mix tank. A high-quality piece of equipment that is very affordable, value packed, and gets the job done.
Mix Tank: 50 Gallons
12-Volt Pump: 5 GPM
Stingray Reel: 12" U-Frame
Spray Hose: 150 Foot
Operating Pressure: 90 PSI
Spray Tips: 00-20 and 40-20
Total Weight: 115 lbs
Mounting Surface: L 40 inches (straps) x W 15 inches (tank)
Longest Point: 42 inches (front of hose reel disk to back tank strap foot)
Widest Point: 30 inches (handle of hose reel to reel swivel)
Highest Point: 42.5 inches (bottom of tank to top of hose reel disk)
Article number: MA352002

The Queso is a high quality one batch soft wash spraying system with a rugged thick walled 50-gallon tank. With the Queso, mix water, bleach/SH, and any desired soaps or surfactants into one tank.  Turn on the system and spray away to start soft washing. 


Quite 12-volt battery powered 5.5 GPM pump operating at 90 PSI to provide the most effective flow and spray pattern for soft washing.  Easy access On/Off toggle switch.  Battery leads with 30 AMP inline fuse for easy connection (battery not included).  Built-in selectable tank agitation to keep consistent mixes.  Stingray™ 12” U-Frame Hose Reel with 150 ft. 1/2-inch durable clear braid hose, 316 Grade Stainless Steel through-put manifold, and lifetime warranty.  Wand with on/off valve and tethered 6-shooter disk with two spray tips (00-20 and 40-20).  3-inch-high strength aluminum tank straps with graduated tank indicator offering you a multitude of mounting options for your truck, trailer, UTV, or cart.  Bottom-line, this system is a big bang for your buck.  Dip into the QUESO and start soft washing today.   


* Battery Not Included

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