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The Enchilada is a two in one soft washing and power washing skid that allows you to do a little bit of everything from one compact, highly capable, and premium system.
The TACO is the perfect affordable, entry level soft washing package.
High quality components at a price easy to consume,
the TACO is the simple package you’ve been looking for.
NACHO ordinary piece of soft equipment. A perfect and ideal setup for those who want to have metered technology and already have an existing water tank. Includes a 50-gallon bleach/SH tank, a soap stinger hose and a simple connect water tank hookup.
*Tank strap must be purchased separately.
The MANTA Electric, with a lifetime warranty, has been completely reimagined and engineered to disrupt the hose reel industry at a price point that is less than most competitors’ similarly equipped reels.
The MAKO is an exceptional half-frame manual hose reel for those who crave quality, function, and beauty.
The MAKO comes standard with premium features including non-corrosive polymer bearing blocks and 316 grade stainless steel manifolds that never fail
Three Stage Pure Water Filtration System Cart. Dual 40" RO, 40" DI and 40" Carbon. Lifetime Warranty on aluminum substructure and filter housing.
This version of our flagship Manta Electric Hose Reel is for storing a large amount of water source hose. This allows the user to freely disconnect from the hose reel and plug directly into their machine when the most unrestricted flow is required.\
Showingof 105 item(s)